Fire Door Inspections in Memphis

Fire_door_salesDesoto Door is trained to Inspect Fire Doors. These doors have several functions that need maintenance checks periodically. From window seals to constant use, a fire door can become worn down. We check to make sure your fire door is connected directly to your alarm systems. Fire Doors work hand in hand with the building’s fire protection systems. Fire doors must be inspected to protect from fires, smoke, toxic gases and fumes. A Fire door system comprises of the door, hinges, bolts, frame, fire exit hardware, door closers, locks and other components that are contingent on the door’s fire rating. We follow the NFPA and the ICC for fire door inspection instructions and guidelines. Fire doors are usually worn out from high traffic areas like in schools and hospitals. Often a door can misalign from frequent use that can cause it to not close during a fire. Holes or improper gaps are also an issue. Desoto Door’s fire door inspection standards checks for issues like Compliancy, Common Reasons for Failure and Fire Door Locations in a Building. Companies have turned to us to remain in compliance with up to date safety procedures and regulations.

Here are some options for Fire Door Inspections

  • Compliant vs Non Compliant Doors
  • Categories of Fire Doors
  • Common Failure Reasons
  • Locations Detailing
  • Inventorying Doors

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