Entry Door Repair in Memphis

Entry_door_repair2Desoto Door can repair your entry doors. We can check for adjustments and broken parts. Some areas may be sagging or simply falling apart. Check door jambs and hinges. Entry doors have a lot more parts and need more adjustments than simple indoor household doors.  Be careful when painting or remodeling your entry door. It may affect the components securing the door. Entry doors are heavily used, so maintaining them for safety and security is very important. Weatherproofing them and securing them from intrusion is key. Safety is the top priority in any company so providing secure doors is a great way to protect everyone and everything. Desoto Door can even repair paneled doors and speciality doors. Call us today to discuss solutions for your home or business.

  • Entry Door Repair
  • Business and Residential
  • Hinge, Jamb and Weatherproofing Maintenance
  • Panel and Speciality Door Options
  • After Hours Service Available

Please call 901-273-2996 to schedule an appointment for Dock Equipment repair in your Memphis area commercial facility or warehouse.