Commercial Dock Doors

Your Commercial Loading Dock Door is a recessed part of your building designed for loading and unloading. You want to make sure your measurements are accurate for your Dock Door because if not it can be difficult to back the truck up and unload goods for your facility. You want to make sure there is enough headroom for a forklift as well.

A few things to look for:

  • Concrete reinforced Barriers
  • The rotation of the Bay Door
  • The installation of the Dock Bumper
  • The security latch for emergency access

The advantage of a Roll Up Door is that you don’t lose interior access. A small window is also available for viewing people or approaching trucks. You could also have insulated slats.

You want to make sure your equipment is kept up to protect from debris, rodents, and hydraulic leaks. This could render the dock unusable for days. Repairing tracks, pulleys, chains, hydraulics, and any other aspect is very important if it becomes damaged.

The biggest thing is safety and efficiency when it comes to your Dock Door and the quality of products you choose is very important. Desoto Door can help you make the best choice possible for your business and your employees.