Commercial Dock Enclosures

Putting in an enclosure for your commercial dock area is a great way to protect your employees and products from the environment, while becoming more energy efficient and productive.

  • Keep wind and other elements from interfering
  • Reduce facility heating and cooling
  • Protect products from weather damage
  • Maintain temperature and humidity levels

Keep the viability of your company strong by building out an enclosure that helps with every single aspect of your warehouse. The insulation used to do this project must be of the highest quality and is usually a ¼” or more thick. You can prevent accidents and slipping with these enclosures. You’ll regulate theft and security so no one can sneak through a doorway. You can keep insects out of your warehouse.

Yellow striping and wood backboards help with visibility and durability. There’s vinyl cover materials for light, medium, and heavy applications. Tension straps can keep the enclosure tight. Rigid pipe keeps the enclosure uniform from the top down. A slope top helps rain and snow to fall off the enclosure.

It’s best to have a “drive-in” shelter that seals your truck and creates a contained area for your workers to use. This allows no break downs of the warehouse, truck, and reduces worker injury due to weather. You can also help keep the day and night lights and elements from coming into the warehouse. Call Desoto Door today so we can set up your enclosure today.