Commercial Dock Leveler

commerical _dock_levelersA Commercial Dock Leveler is a great tool to connect the truck to the dock. It can make sure you are leveled out when unloading a truck by forklift or by hand. No garage door modifier is needed for this project. A bumper block is great because it protects the truck and the leveler. You can access this leveler when the truck is approaching. The leveler holds up to 25,000 pounds, and the bumpers are steel reinforced.

The optimum dock height for a truck is 51” and for a refrigerated truck is 55”. So there is equipment for refrigerated lips available. Levelers are not for use with pallet jacks or stackers. A height of 12” or more is generally required for a leveler to be needed, but often a leveler is good to have around because trucks are different sizes and shapes.


  • Use Motorized Lifts
  • Stronger than Dock Boards
  • Pull Chain or Hydraulic Operation
  • Bridge the Truck to Dock Gap

This will help your driver and employees to bring products from the truck easier and faster. They will also protect the equipment from the weather. Don’t worry about the leveler being damaged because it automatically comes down when the truck leaves. Call Desoto Door today for your Dock Leveler needs.