Commercial Garage Door

In a commercial environment you need a great looking garage door that is practical and protects your equipment. A commercial grade garage door is necessary to help with loading and unloading. Here are some things to look for about your commercial garage door:

  • Check your height and depth levels
  • Measure the opening for the garage door
  • Make sure your tracks and pulleys are aligned
  • Check your springs and cables
  • Check your automatic opener

This is how you can properly set up your commercial grade garage door. When you go in to measure the opening, height, and depth of the garage you’re looking for enough room for the door to pull inside and leave 10” of headroom and make sure the door isn’t going to swing back and collide with anything. Setting up the tracks, pulleys, and cables takes a lot of tension, so you want a professional to install this for you.

Lastly your sectional garage door can be installed, and make sure it’s properly insulated. We also want to make sure you are designing your commercial door where it matches your building and has a longevity that will last for multiple openings a day for years to come. Give us a call today at Desoto Door so we can take care of you.