Garage Door Cables

The Garage Door Cables pull and release the garage door by monitoring the tension in the cables. If there is any slack it will not allow the garage to open. The tension wire is attached at the bottom of the garage door and sits on a drum. Many times cables come off the drum track and need to be realigned. Sometimes the tension is too high and the door won’t close all the way. The cable could be too loose causing the monitor to bring the door down too quickly causing breakage.

Garage door cables can become quite hazardous if not properly adjusted or replaced by a trained professional. I would say that most injuries occur when someone is trying to adjust these cables and they snap or create too much slack causing the door to drop. You need a clamp for the door if the cable is to be adjusted.

Some problems that may occur:

  • Cables are too loose or tight
  • Cables are started to become unthreaded
  • Cable length needs adjusting
  • Monitor needs to be replaced or repaired

The cable needs to be threaded properly and be the right length. Emergency release cables are a necessity if the power goes out or the door jams. Turning the key can enable you to access this cable, and many people attach a rope so that you can grab the cable easier. Call Desoto Door so we can properly repair or replace these cables for you.