Commercial Dock Bumpers

Commercial Grade Dock Bumpers are great and necessary for the protection of the truck, your building and your employees when loading and unloading at a warehouse garage bay door or rollup warehouse door. Most dock bumper installations should have adequate coverage of the dock base for complete dock, truck, and cargo protection. 

For example, protection for an 8′ bay is usually best accomplished with two bumpers of standard length. When damaged or worn out this is an important repair as damage will happen to equipment, building and possibly people.

When dock seals or shelters are used, extra-length, one-piece bumpers will completely seal trucks to the dock protecting cargo and employees from the elements.

These are a few things that a commercial warehouse garage Dock Bumper will help complete:

  • Dock reliability and protection
  • Steel reinforecement
  • Absorbs Pressure
  • Protects Employees and Products

Standard dock bumper heights are 6”, 10”, and 12”. The 10 foot dock bumper is the most widely common for most trucks. The dock bumpers absorb about 80% of impact force up to 1,500 pounds of pressure. This is a great thing to protect your building and keep the trucks safe, not to mention, the employees. We want to make sure you have all the tools needed for installing and upkeeping these dock bumpers. Give Desoto Door a call at 901-273-2996 about dock bumpers or any commercial garage or warehouse door repair.

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