Hanging A New Garage Door

Hanging a garage door can be very difficult without proper training and it is often easier and less exspensive to call a professional.


There are many steps required to hang a new garage door on your Memphis area home. Here are few of the door hanging steps in no particular order because it depends on the type of door being hung.

  • Remove the Old Garage Door
  • Measure and Set the Hinges Properly
  • Attach the Bottom Section
  • Install the Remaining Panels and Rollers
  • Secure the Door Tracks

Garage doors are very heavy and you want to make sure you have someone who is trained to install doors help with this. 

This is a detailed selection for hanging a garage door and attaching it to an existing system. Call Desoto Door at 901-273-2996 so we can set you up with a consultation and provide a free estimate of what your new garage door will cost installed.


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