Garage Door Panel Guide

We at Desoto Door value your home and the Garage Door that brings value to it. A damaged panel is a very serious problem. This service is generally needed when a door is hit while not in operation. Technicians can diagnose the panel and see how it can be repaired or replaced. We have same day service and keep the hardware in stock for the fastest turn around. We have emergency same day service as well. Give us a call immediately to prevent further panel breaking.

Most garage doors are made out of steel, wood, aluminum, copper, glass, or are a vinyl panelled door. There are even monolithic doors, especially on older homes.

  • One Piece Panels
  • Sectional Panels
  • Carriage Doors
  • Steel with Exterior Cladding

Wood paneling is one of the most common types of older and even some newer garage doors. Panel work will bring efficiency to your garage door and value to your home. The beauty it brings is unparalleled after you’re done. Panel work is necessary to keep the integrity and longevity of your door viable. Don’t worry about what you’re going to have to do. Let us know how we can help. Call Desoto Door today so we can take care of you!