Garage Door Track Guide

The Tracks on your Garage Door are the lifeline of your entire Garage Door system. If the track doesn’t work properly it can cause a lot of headache and even damage to your door and surrounding equipment.

Repairing your Garage Door Track when a problem becomes evident is key to fast and more efficient repairs. Replacing your Garage Door Track may be necessary when certain issues cause irreparable damage.

Here are a few cases where replacing a section of garage door track would be warranted:

  • Track hit by car
  • Track corroded
  • Track weakened
  • Improper Installation of Garage Door Tracks

Some people think that garage door track issues can not be repaired and replacement of the entire garage door system is the only option. In reality, a new track or track repair will give your garage door a second life. Our trained technicians can easily diagnose the problem and see where the track is malfunctioning.

  • Track Repair
  • Garage Door Balancing
  • Garage Door Lubrication
  • Garage Door Alignment

We know that it’s difficult to deal with a malfunctioning Garage Door, but Desoto Door is here to help you throughout the Memphis Area. Our goal is to diagnose, repair or replace, and quickly get your garage door back on track so your home’s value is intact and improved. We try to keep the possibility of other issues from coming up by inspecting and fixing the problem before it becomes an even more difficult issue.

This is a very dangerous process for do it yourselfers and novices. So let Desoto Door take care of this for you!

Call us today for Same Day Repair Service on your Garage Door in the Memphis Area.