Preventative Maintenance

Garage Door Sales & Installation in Memphis and SouthavenGarage Door Maintenance is a difficult thing to deal with. It’s a necessary process to repair and sometimes replace parts when they go down or break. Tracks become loose and pulleys break after years and years of wear and tear. Springs can go down as well. All these things can cause the garage door to slip and bend or break. This can be a major problem. There’s also automatic opener electrical issues to think about. All these things can be avoided with regular maintenance.




  • Monthly Visual Inspection – Visually inspect the components of the garage door.
  • Semi-annual Lubrication – Spray the hinges, pulleys, etc.
  • Monthly Sensor Test – Check the sensor for reverse performance.
  • Monthly Reverse Inspection – Check to see if garage door reverses.
  • Monthly Door Balance – Disconnect the opener with the door closed. See if door manually moves easily.
  • Monthly Force Setting Test – Closing the door try to manually push the bottom back and see if it reverses.

All these tests can help you to maintain a great garage door system. If you’re not comfortable doing them contact a trained professional. Call Desoto Door if you have any questions and we would be glad to repair or replace any part you need.