Garage Door Panel Replacement & Repair

Garage_door_panel_replacement (2)Garage door panels are flat panels fitting between the rails on each individual section of the garage door. Usually, these panels are wood or metal, but could also be made of a high-quality plastic, such as vinyl. Garage door panels can be replaced and even customized at your request with different paint colors and styles.

Garage door panels are generally not flexible and therefore need to stay rigid. This is called a sectional garage door. Even you have a damaged panel let Desoto fix or replace this for you. Call us at 901-273-2996.

It should be noted that if wood panels start to bow, there could be serious problems with the door as well. These structural problems may first come to the attention of the homeowner through the panels, though it may not be the panel that is the problem. Call Desoto so we can come and take a look at the situation and provide some recommended solutions.

One material that has quietly replaced wood in garage doors is steel. These garage door panels have a much better ability to resist the weather than does wood. Further, these garage door panels are more durable than other types of panels, thus providing a longer life. The doors are also lighter than wood, in most cases, which may also be a consideration depending on the power of the garage door opener and the size of the door.