Garage Door Repair Collierville

When the good citizens of Collierville Tennessee have a broken garage or overhead door, be it made out of wood, steel, or other, they call Desoto Door garage door repair company at 901-273-2996. The reason they call Desoto is because Desoto Door will send out trained and experienced garage door repair and service personnel to your Collierville home or business to fix it.

We repair garage doors in Collierville including garage doors with:

  • Damaged Garage Door Panels
  • Broken Garage Door Springs
  • Broken or Damaged Garage Door Cables
  • Noisy Garage Doors
  • Broken Automatic Openers
  • Broken Garage Door Lifts
  • Broken Windows on Garage Doors

Garage doors can be made from wood that have different characteristics from those made out of metal. Wooden garage doors if not properly sealed and painted can absorb water from the atmosphere making them heavy and hard to move. Over time, water will have a tendency to soften the wood and joints letting the garage door sag and hang crooked. Also, accidents happen and it is not unusual to find cracked or broken panels which further degrade the integrity of the garage door. Depending on your Collierville home’s garage door, we can repair or replace your damaged wooden garage door.

Garage doors rollers can make ear piercing metal on metal noises which announce to the neighborhood that you’re opening your garage door or at least trying to open it. A garage door repair call from Desoto Door can get your door opening like normal.

Most garage doors and overhead doors use steel springs to help open the door by adding lift from decompressing steel springs. These springs, made from spring steel are fitted to the door so that they are compressed when the weight of the door is closed. This stored energy is suppose to be released when lifting the door. Unless of course the springs are broken or inoperable.

It should be mentioned that anyone working on garage door springs should be trained in handling them. Serious injuries, including fatalities, have occurred to those who took upon the task without the knowledge, training or experience to deal with these machines.

Desoto Door Repair is ready to make a service call to your house or business in Collierville today. Call 901-273-2996.

We repair garage doors and overhead doors in Collierville.