Garage Door Repair Memphis

The people of Memphis Tennessee have always been great customers for Desoto Door. They know to call 901-273-2996 when their garage door happens to break.

A lot of their garage or overhead doors break every year as the weather gets colder. Maybe the door springs will break or the automatic opener could freeze up. It is not uncommon to see whole door comes off the track when you try to lift it. Off track and stuck garage doors make it so hard to open that you’d have to be an Olympic weight lifter just to get it to budge an inch.
Many Memphis area homes have electric garage door openers that have seen better days and would work better as a boat anchor than a helpful tool to lift a door in your home or business.

We can repair your garage door and make it function like new. Call DeSoto Door to get your overhead or garage door repaired right now. Our number is 901-273-2996. Specially trained repairmen will go ‘on site’ to repair your garage door or overhead door.

They will give you an estimate which includes all labor, regardless of how long the job takes. They will repair or replace broken door springs, a job that is quite dangerous because of the tremendous pressure the springs are under. They will do the job safely and economically.

You will have the ease of mind that your job is being done professionally and safe and is definitely much less than a painful visit to the emergency room- something that happens to thousands of folks every year when they try to fix the garage door by themselves. The DeSoto Door Repair people will even fix broken door panels for you.

The people of Memphis, TN are smart and know when to call DeSoto Door for Memphis area garage door repair.

Garage door repair in Memphis Tennessee