Gate Repair in Memphis

Access_gate_repairDesoto Door can perform Gate repair for your business or home. We have the tools to perform any type of Gate repair needed, from iron gates to operator repair. Gate operators need power to run, and sometimes the electrical breaker is off. Hearing a clicking noise? The power may be down. If the chain becomes loose, give us a call. Typically grinding and squeaking noises means repair is needed. If it is used frequently, service once or more a year. It may be running slowly because of a lack of maintenance. We will adjust the chain or springs tension if necessary, lubricate the gate, make sure the gate’s travel time is adjusted, make sure the gate’s environment is clean and safety devices are functioning correctly. Desoto Door can help with any of the following options:

  • Gate Operator Repair
  • Entry Systems Repair
  • Preventative Repair
  • Iron Gate Repair
  • Preventative Maintenance

Let the experts evaluate your gate and access what the best repair or replacement option is necessary. We will get the job done right and in a timely manner.

Please call 901-273-2996 to schedule an appointment for Dock Equipment repair in your Memphis area commercial facility or warehouse.